Born the oldest of four children to very hard-working and dedicated parents, I was taught at any early age that each accomplishment in life is earned, not given. Stemming from an ancestry with Native American blood in the mix, our father had a deep love for the outdoors, for his family, and for the classic Westerns. Growing up, the faces of John Wayne, Audie Murphy, Roy Rogers and Slim Pickens, were as familiar as family, stopping in for a visit for as long and as often as their movies were on television. Novels by Louis L’Amour and Zane Grey were as prominent as the Bible, and valued almost as equally.
My youngest daughter and I live a simple life outside the small town of Des Arc, Arkansas, which sits on the banks of the White River, with my birthplace of Clarendon just to the south and sharing the same waters. Having a love for history, for reading, and for nature has fueled my passions for writing and editing, as well as painting. Each book is a new adventure, and each brush stroke is immortalizing a memory. My greatest blessings in life have been my three beautiful daughters and eleven grandchildren. Watching them grow, seeing the values and passions that were instilled in me come forth in them, is an honor to me, to my parents, and my grandparents. 
Writing and painting are my “hobbies,” my “escapes” from every-day reality.  My “day job” is my true passion. Teaching children with Special Needs is not easy at times; however, watching each child reach what the average person may see as a “small feat” (but are actual milestones for these children), fills me with amazement and the undeniable truth-- that no achievement is small in self-value, nor is it unobtainable. I am reminded almost daily, as I watch the faith these truly “special” children have, that with God all things are possible; without Him, nothing is worthwhile.


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Elizabeth Parker was a dreamer, even in her twenties. She dreamed of leaving the small town of Tisdale, New England that had become her home after her mother had passed away. Living with her father’s only sister, Aunt Matilda, was an every day learning experience. An aging seamstress and self-proclaimed spinster, Matilda Parker had never married. In her mind, there would never be another true love as she’d had taken from her in the blink of an eye so many years ago.
Lizzy was a quick study and passed the test for her teaching certificate soon after she graduated from the small school in town. With no teaching positions open nearby, she resigned to follow in her aunt’s footsteps. By the age of twenty-four, she had also resigned herself to the fact that she would never leave Tisdale, nor would she ever find the man of her dreams.
However, as her Aunt Matilda reminded her through a letter Elizabeth received upon her Matilda Parker’s sudden and unexpected death, all Elizabeth had to do was take a leap of faith. And take a leap she did, when a handsome new marshal came to town.

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