M. R. Carner was born and raised in beautiful Pacific Northwest. Most of his working life was centered on marketing and management until a serious illness forced him to slow down and rest at home. During that time, one of his clients suggested as a joke that he should write a book, so he did. Over the next three years he completed several fictional stories in genres ranging from modern day romance, to World War II and several westerns. Most of his stories are loaded with humor as well as characters that deal with everyday life situations as the story unfolds. He's an avid outdoorsman and loves camping, hunting, and a good story told over a campfire at night. With a life time of experiences as a base for his work, he continues to write his stories hoping they'll be enjoyed by all who read them.


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The Valley of Justice

Randy and Rolly Allen, identical twins, joined the Ohio Volunteers at the start of the Civil War. Both men served the Union Army with honor and distinction. At the end of the action, they were faced with a tough decision. Go home to Ohio, or go on to the gold fields of Oregon, which was their dream. However, they were broke and without the means to make the trip. The Army requested they re-enlist in the Cavalry and in return they would be assigned duty out west and closer to Oregon. The Valley of Justice follows the lives of both men as they follow their dreams and endure the hardships of life on the frontier. Action, humor and a colorful story await the reader of this fictional western, by M. R. Carner.

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