Tommy Geyer grew up on a farm in the rolling hills of Osage County, Oklahoma. As a young man, his adventurous spirit and intuition led him to Alaska where he has lived with his wife and children for over three decades. Here in the remote wilderness setting of Interior Alaska, he raises cattle and horses and has worked as a wildland firefighter and in a gold mine. In his spare time, he fishes for salmon and explores the mountains that have become his home. When the days grow short and the temperature plummets, writing becomes the task at hand. With a vivid imagination and knowledge of western history, Tommy writes historical novels and westerns with a touch of humor, romance and a solid moral core.


Utah Raiders Kindle Cover.jpg


Reb Daugherty and his infamous gang of outlaws were the only family Mark Garrison had ever known. For years, the notorious raiders haunted the canyon lands of southeast Utah, terrorizing ranchers and settlers and rustling their stock. But one day they crossed the wrong man, a highly respected rancher with a crew of seasoned cowboys. To rustle Gabe Storey’s stock was a bold and reckless undertaking, but when the raiders impulsively kidnapped the prettiest girl in Utah, they sealed their own fate.
Out of necessity every Utah cowboy became a bounty hunter, combing the lonely wastelands for the Desert Flower and the mysterious riders who had stolen her away.

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