Jay was born and raised in Kansas [the Midwest] although his heart has always been in the mountain states. The mountains of the Continental Divide has been like a magnet to Jay. The smell of the pines and the whispers of the wind makes his heart grow warm. The characters in Jay's stories reflect his dreams about the people of these lands and their struggles during the early settlement years of this area.


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Alex Hale's family had been murdered on their way to California when he was a small boy. The non-English speaking boy had been taken in by a no-account lowlife, Oscar, who got his kicks by beating the boy day in and day out. Alex had been brought to the ranch of Jake Robinski and his wife and daughter to do the chores that fat, lazy Oscar didn't want to do.
Jake Robinski was sent on a reconnaissance mission for the President of the United States to uncover a conspiracy against the government, leaving his family virtually unprotected. Before he could complete his mission and return home, he was shanghaied and thrust upon a ship out to sea for eighteen months.
Billie Long was a cowboy returning from selling cattle in Colorado when he slipped in ice while camping near the Robinski home and broke his leg. He didn't see any chance of rescue and resigned himself to his fate of being eaten by wolves, when Alex stumbled upon him.
Jake escaped the ship and made his way home, and now he and his family, as well as Billie and Alex are in danger as the conspirators close in on them. After a confrontation with the hired henchmen for the main conspirator, Alex discovered that his parents' killers and the henchmen were one in the same and that their lives were more intermingled than they first realized.
Once things were said and done, Alex wasn't a boy any longer, but had now become a man who would not be taking anymore beatings from Oscar, or anyone else, for that matter.

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