Calamity Maude - I Married My Deputy Kin


Sheriff James Morgan liked his job in the sleepy little town in which he was the law. A widower raising a young son, James began corresponding with a mail order bride named Maude Addison, and fell in love. Little did he know that the sweet woman he’d fallen in love with by post was really a notorious outlaw who earned her moniker of Calamity Maude.
Shortly after Maude arrived in town, all hell seemed to break loose. First, a gang of outlaws lead by a man who called himself Tex Woodsaw, wounded the sheriff and killed his deputy. If not for his bride-to-be stepping in and killing the outlaw, Sheriff Morgan would have joined his deputy in an eternal sleep.
Then, one of Woodsaw’s gang showed up to avenge his boss’ death. Once again, Calamity Maude came to the rescue. When Maude came clean as to her past, James didn’t care. She’d proven her love, as far as he was concerned. With the threat of the remainder of Woodsaw’s gang coming into town to finish them off, Sheriff James Morgan did the only two things he knew were right; he made Calamity Maude his deputy, and he made her his wife.

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