Halfbreed - Journey To Oregon Kindle Cov


Sage Blyewood had had a tough life. Born the son of a white woman and a Sioux chief, he never felt as though he belonged anywhere. Convinced his father had no love for him, it didn’t exactly hurt his feelings when the Army raided their camp and ‘rescued’ his mother and him, taking them to live among the white men.
After his mother passed, Sage began to roam the country, always looking to fit in. He thought he’d found ‘true love’ in a young woman named Betsy, whose husband appeared to have abandoned her. When said husband returned unexpectedly, Sage had no choice but to defend himself. Betsy, however, told a different story to the sheriff of Westport, Missouri, and Sage found himself wanted for murder.
Desperate to save himself, Sage accepted a job with Captain Winston Mason, guiding a wagon train of fifty immigrant families through to Oregon. Along the way, he would find what true love really was in a Swedish maiden named Kaja Nilsson. He would also learn what it was like to be part of a real family in the crew that Captain Mason employed, and be reunited with his father, Grey Wolf, and younger brother, Lone Wolf. Against all odds, fighting the elements, the Army, the Indians and the law, Sage Blyewood kept his promise to ensure that everyone he’d grown to love and respect made it safely to a new home they would all enjoy in peace.

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